Rocky Mountain Real Estate in Las Vegas New Mexico and North Eastern New Mexico

The Crow's Nest

                                                                                Crow's Nest

This is the first time I have updated this in several years.  To be honest, I have not kept up with the technological advances.  In my old age I am being left behind.  I will try to do better in the days to come but "quien sabe?" 

The real estate market as well as the insurance market has been quite active for the past year and we are hopeful that it will continue into the future.  We recycle homes here in Las Vegas, NM.  We continue to loose population here as well as in the Northeast Quadrant of New Mexico.  We have no jobs except those in fast food establishments or restaurants.  So, if people are looking for open spaces, good hunting, outside fun, and amazing stargazing then New Mexico is the place to be. 

Enter New Mexico with an open mind and you will be amazed!  Remember, you bring your attitude with you, no matter where you come from.  Come see us and let me show you some beautiful country.