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The Crow's Nest

                                                                                Crow's Nest

So far it has been one hell of a year!  Our market is active but the emphasis has been on rural property with or without a house and facilities on it.  It is my opinion that the current unrest in the U.S. has made many people decide to "go West."  Las Vegas\Mora\San Miguel County has very few Covid-19 virus cases and although we have a local BLM contingent; most of the citizens live quiet lives.  However, to put things into perspective, the County as well as the City are ruled by the Democratic party.  Let that speak for itself!  Thank God we do not have any statues at the Fort Union National Park or they would be destroyed by vandals and anarchists. 

With regards to national leadership, Democratic or Republican, we have lost our way.  Have our ancestors made mistakes? Of course they have, as we do today!  Do most adults know civics or history; no they do not!!! People today have their damn phones stuck to their ears and these phones are their communication devices, for good or evil, and they are supposed to "educate" people??? In some ways we have lost the fine art of respectful discussion. 

Our country is beautiful, our responsible citizens are beautiful, our heritage is beautiful.  If you want to come here to enjoy our beautiful way of life...God bless you, if you come to raise hell, destroy our way of life...stay the hell where you are at.



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